Show up for the workout and stay for the community.

– decrease aches and pains
– tone and sculpt
– build strength and flexibility
– accountability and connection

There is an Pilates Fusion Class on Tuesday, Nov. 29, from 5:15-6:00 pm because there will be no class on Wednesday, Nov. 30!

Please visit the Calendar tab for December Class updates!

Join our Online Yoga Class Membership!

Keep your yoga practice growing and interesting! Take class each week, as many times as you would like, wherever you are and whenever works with your schedule!

One new 30-minute class is released each week, replacing the class from the week before! Each month we will celebrate together with a live (virtual class via zoom or you can visit the studio)! 

Adult woman practising yoga at home

We are all about building community, accountability, and connection.

– We are a community that cheers you on as you reach your goals!

 –Accountability is only something you can create. We provide the framework to help you be your best version of you.

– Less mind chatter and more results. Our classes help you build mind and body awareness, helping you live in the moment and build deeper connection with yourself and others.

Beautiful young asian woman practicing yoga pose on gray mat. Boat Pose - Paripurna Navasana.

Strength + Stretch

This class is a balance of strength (Pilates-based exercises) and gentle stretching. This is a full-body workout and the pace is quick, with pauses for stretching mixed in.

Stretch Class

This class includes restorative movements, as well as strength work. There are minimal transitions from standing to seated positions.


A Yoga class that takes you through a series of different positions. There is plenty of opportunites to build strength,  balance and flexibility. 

Cardio + Strength

You will get your heart rate up, build strength and take time for mindfulness in this express 45-minute class. 

Ready to join a community that offers support, consistency, and classes that make a healthy lifestyle doable for your life?

Reaching goals is possible, and so is maintaining those goals. Whether it is getting rid of your aches and pains, improving your balance and strength, or and losing weight (even as you age). It is possible and you can do it. You just need the right tools to help you get there and stay there, and we offer you those tools.


Full body group classes that will:
– strengthen your body and mind
– reduce stress
– improve balance and flexibility
– decrease aches and pains
– increase your levels of energy


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Hours Studio is Open for classes:

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