21-Day Reboot

21-Days to building a stronger and healthier you for everyday living. What are you waiting for?

Could the secret to having the the health and strength for optimal everyday living be with ancient wisdom?

Our modern day living is fast-paced and loaded with activities and work that last far longer then the hour between sunrise and sunset. Is there anyway to really get everything done?

No. Let me say it again, no. And, to have a life worth living means that isn’t going to change. So, instead of beating yourself up about the million to-do’s, how about you just start recognizing your priorities, and make your choices from there? Drop the unnecessary guilt of what you aren’t getting done and turn your attention to what all you are accomplishing.

Now for the specifics:

What exactly am I getting myself into:
A whole lot of awesome! The 21-Day Reboot offers 3-options. It is a “Choose¬† your own adventure” type of challenge. So, depending on the amount of current head space, time, energy and what you most value–you decide how intense the challenge will be. Once you have made your decision, you commit all 21-days to showing up each each day’s Reboot challenges.

All 3-adventures/reboot options are going to help you build a healthier and stronger version of you! Choosing one doesn’t mean you will miss out on another.

Challenge A: You are ready to take your fitness and health to a whole new level. You know you still have some extra baggage (weight, emotional stress) to get rid of. You are at a place you can dive in deep!
Challenge B: You are ready to make changes. You have extra baggage you know you need to loose, but exercise and eating for nourishment haven’t been much of a priority. You are ready to take your health back, but need to do so at a slower (versus rapid) pace.
Challenge C: You are ready to make changes, but your time is not your own. You know you can make time to carve out for adding movement (exercise) into your daily routine, and you are able to make some changes in your eating habits. Specifically, cutting out the junk.

What will you receive when you sign up:
Short round of questions to help you best determine which version of the 21-Day Reboot you are ready for!
-21-Day Guide which includes worksheets (ie: meal planner, goal setting, and calendar template) to help you make good choices
-amazing recipes from Divya Alter, the author of The New Ayurvedic Kitchen: what to eat for how you feel, published by Rizzoli
-weekly emails and video content to guide your through each of the 21-days
-Moral Support! (membership to Restore Tribe’s 21-Day Reboot Private Facebook Group)
-access to Regi, creator of Restore Tribe’s 21-Day Reboot (via email and the Facebook group)
-deeper understanding of the 3 Pillars, and how they change the way you move, think and live

By Day 21, you will have:
-improved your strength, stamina & flexibility
-cut out junk food
-learned to make nourishing home-cooked food
-learned how to make your gut & brain work more effectively
-gotten more rest
-pampered your body
-pushed your physical boundaries
-developed more clarity
-learned ways to drop negative stress
-realized your mind and body can do more than you thought it could do