Regina originally started One + One with the belief that living in a rural community should not be a limiting factor for women living healthy lifestyles.

Regina didn’t have time herself to drive 60-minutes each way to attend a class, but did already have years of experience teaching group fitness, Pilates, and personal training. Her husband, Mat (the amazing tech/video/web guy, and visionary behind the online classes) and her started with offering classes that eliminated the commute.  Classes without a commute work(ed), but there was still the missing piece of building great community. Everyone benefits when they do life and hard work with one another, making it easier to stick with goals when the schedule gets tough.

And so, years later, One + One Wellness was born. Live classes offered in your community, without the commute.

We believe that when you challenge and change your body, you can change your world. One choice, one day, one class at a time. 

More about Regina

Hi! I’m Regina (I also go by Regi). I’m the wife to an awesome guy and mom of four amazing kids, now all college-aged and/or beyond. We also have a dog named Maya, and a neighbor cat we have claimed (and  have named Rocky). 

I started my fitness and health journey in high school when I started running. I wasn’t much of a natural athlete, but I loved to hit the gravel road with my walkman.  In college, I found my place in a step aerobics class. Music, simple choreography, and a step were my jam! That experience led to me teaching fitness classes and working as a personal trainer. I graduated from college with a major in recreation therapy and fitness management. After all these years, I still love to share my passion for helping people, especially women, feel and move better in their bodies. And now at the sweet age of 48, I truly know how to help women who are doing all the “right things,” but can’t seem to reach their fitness goals like they could when they were younger. I see you and I understand. There is more to it than counting calories and cardio. Stress and hormones play a bigger role than you might think. Knowing how to manage stress in your mind and body are crucial to reaching your health goals as we age. 

Current Certifications:
Group Fitness Certification through ACE (the American Council on Exercise). 
Yoga Alliance E-RYT-200 and Continuing Education Provider
I received my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Chrissy Carter, in NYC, NY. I’ve had additional Power Yoga Teacher training with Baptiste Power Yoga and Luca Richards.
Beginner and Intermediate Pilates Mat Certified, passed the 100 hour exam for Pilates Beginner Systems. I am currently certified to teach beginner and intermediate Pilates Mat classes, through the Classical Pilates Education. My first Pilates Complete Mat training was back in 2000, with Stott Pilates. 
Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

I am currently an apprentice in the Comprehensive Pilates Education Teacher Training, offered at Pilates of KC. 

Currently I am offering live classes in Mound City on Monday’s through Thursdays! You can see the schedule and pricing here.