Imagine no more “I will try again tomorrow’s.”

Imagine what it will feel like to reach all of your goals, have confidence to show up for yourself and the other people in your life. Imagine no more going to bed with guilt and waking up with energy and joy for your day ahead.  No more food cravings, counting calories and carbs, living with joy for who you are, right now.


Let me know, does the following describe you?

  • No matter how hard you try, you still are wearing the same size jeans, only they keep getting tighter, rather than looser.
  • You skip out on fun events because you are unhappy with how you feel and look and you know you will surely overeat once you do show up.
  • Thinking you must be too old to reach your goals.
  • You are tired of always feeling bloated and not knowing what is the answer to your weight issues.

I understand how you feel. I struggled with weight, with my mood, and I even struggled to like myself when I couldn’t live up to my own expectations.  I get it, and I know how to end the never-ending battle and I’m ready to help you discover how you can too!

    Regina Casner
    Co-founder and President
    restore tribe health coaching

    You’re excited to find out how to finally experience the healthy body you have dreamed of, but you have SO many questions!

    How could you possibly reach your health goals without counting calories and carbs?

    Nothing has helped you quit craving foods in the past, what would be different this time?

    I understand because I was you. I was so sure that the only way to lose the weight, and feel good in my body was by deprivation and going along with what seemed to be working for everyone else.

    I also didn’t have a Whole Foods or a yoga studio nearby, nor a flexible schedule to fit in hours of working out. 

    And even if I did, what would foods would I actually prepare and eat? Even as someone who worked in the wellness world, the options of diets were overwhelming and the results never stayed. When I did lose weight, once the diet was over, I would go extremely overboard, eating foods I hadn’t been “allowed” to eat.  Until…

     My initial changes were both unintentional, freeing and have led to long-lasting change!

    Over the last few years, I kept experimenting and invested in education and training in holistic nutrition. I can help you discover why you make the choices you do, how to eat intuitively, what type of movement is best for you. Now it’s time for you to rewrite your health story

    I don’t believe that there is a one-size fits all type of eating, nor that you need lots of time to and equipment to reach your goals. I do believe that …

    • We need to move every day.
    • How we end and begin our day will drastically impact how we feel and whether or not goals are met.
    • If our lives are fulfilling (our family, faith, friends, finances, living out our purpose), then our food choices will be more nourishing and less guilt-ridden.

    • You can feel better, move better and love being you, once and for all.

    Don’t wait another day! This offer ends October 21st!

    Never again will the Healthy Beautiful You program be priced this low!

    Course price after the cart close date will be $356.

    This program is created and designed for women who are busy and on mission with living their best lives possible. The Video modules can be viewed on your own time. And you can always go back and review them, at any time. Still have more questions? Please email me and give me the opportunity to answer them!

      Some of your bonuses when you register for Healthy, Beautiful You (HBU):

      See What’s included:

      The Healthy, Beautiful You Workbook

      Your workbook is designed to support your journey. No matter where you are starting from.

      Here’s What’s Included:

      • Getting started Guide
      • Weekly Guides
      • Journal Prompts (to support your health journey)
      • Nourishing Beauty tips (from the inside out)
      • Meal Planning Worksheets
      • Recipes to go with the season that supports your health goals
      • Checklists to help you stay motivated.

      How does the 10-day cleanse work?

      Reset your gut and your taste buds in 10-days with this free bonus!

      Here’s what’s included:

      • Workbook to guide you through the 10-days
      • Recipes and meal-plans to simplify your choices
      • Support to take you from how to prep and what foods to buy, to how to keep the positive results after the cleanse is over.
      • Choices: choices to give your tastebuds a change or to make the 10-days prep as simple as possible.
      • $99/value (free with the HBU  course)

        When You sign up for

        Healthy, Beautiful You

        You’ll get incredible support and community

        Live Group Coaching Calls

        4 weekly group coaching calls (60-minutes each)

        I’ll  answer your questions and give you help fast, and clarify anything that is holding you back.

        (Private coaching $199/month for 4 calls)

        Virtual Live & Videos On-Demand Membership

        Receive access to all Virtual Live classes and the entire Videos On-Demand Library.

        Live classes allow you to move with a group, from your own home. Classes are taught just like they were taught in a physical studio.


        Private Facebook Group

        You’ll have access to everyone else in the program (including Regina) via a private Facebook group.

        Get support, share successes and struggles with your healthy, beautiful friends, and get your questions answered quickly.

        Success stories from several previous health course members

        Susan J,

        The Cleanse Member and Yoga Student

        The cleanse. I hated it/loved it. It was a discipline and I needed that. It has helped me refine the eating plan I had in place. I learned a lot about how my body feels and reacts. In the past year, you have helped me lose 50 pounds and gain a physical strength and flexibility I have only hoped I could have. I’m grateful for you! Thank you!

        Thyra B,

        10-day Cleanse Member and Yoga Student

        The 10 Day Spring Cleanse jump started healthier eating which I am continuing. My body is definitely stronger as a result of the classes. Regi is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Her passion inspires and encourages me to do my best.

        Donna C,

        Spring Reset Member and Yoga Student

        What an experience and amazing results! Thank you for offering this program. I lost weight and my injured shoulder is continuing to heal.

        Jane C,

        40-Day Ignite Member and Yoga Student

        Regi opening her studio almost a year ago now started me down the path of making better choices with eating and movement. I have lost like around 15 to 20 pounds and I’ve firmed up a bit.

        You Can Do This Even If You Are Busy

        “I don’t have time”

        I created this course specifically for women. And I know you are busy. Videos are designed for you to watch on your own time. Classes are offered on-demand. And when we meet, there will be space to learn and ask questions, but I always will respect your time and energy.

        “I have never taken a yoga class before”

        There are classes for all levels AND videos created for those of you brand new to yoga. There are also lots of options, so whether you are full of energy, or just want to unwind, you have options.

        “I don’t have the money”

        Investing in your health is investing in your future. When you learn how to eat intuitively and are moving on a daily basis, by not trying new diet plans and books, you will be saving money, as well as not spending money on foods and ingredients you will never eat.

        So, how do you get started?

        That’s easy:

        Step #1:

        Sign up for the Founding, Healthy, Beautiful You 4-Week Course!

        Step #2:

        Watch your Email for your Goal Setting Worksheet! Download, print and beginning creating a vision for what you want.

        Step #3:

        The course will begin the last week of October. Following emails will be arriving with when to join the Private HBU Facebook page, and when we will first meet as a group, how to access your course workbook and videos, as well as your bonuses!

        Ready to drop the anxiety and overwhelm and feel your best?

        Join Healthy, Beautiful You today!

        What makes this program different than anything else out there?

        I know you, and I see you – and I’m right there with you:

        • You don’t have a lot of time, so this course won’t waste your time with anything not essential. Much of the program, and even meeting up with others in the course can happen on your own schedule (via the videos, your workbook work and your private FB group.
        • This isn’t another short-term, reach your goals, now what? program. I’m here to help you reach your goals, once and for all. I’m also here to remind you that you are already beautiful!
        • This course is being created by you. I offer you the framework, and you help guide the content. So your questions will be answered. No more overwhelm!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What if I can't make the Live Group Coaching Calls?

        The group coaching calls will be recorded, so you can go back and listen at a later time.

        Where will I access all of the content for the course?

        All content will be stored in one place. The content will be organized per week, so as you complete the content, you can check the box, so you will see when you have completed the work/week, etc.

        Does eating intuitively really work for everyone?

        Do you remember when you were a kid, before you learned about dieting, and advertising that taught you to believe you weren’t good enough? Yes, back then… you most likely were eating intuitively. 🙂 Some of us may just not remember back that far.




        Why does the course only last 4 weeks?

        The course is designed around the idea that women are busy. And if we continue to take steps forward, we will reach our goals. This also includes learning to relearn the way we think about food, learning how to move for our body types, and depending on what season of the year we are in. 4 weeks, each season is enough to get off the diet roller-coaster, end the overwhelm and feel and move your best!

        Do you offer discounts if I decide to go through another season of HBU?


        What's your refund policy?

        We have a 7 Day refund policy if you aren’t happy with the Healthy, Beautiful Course.

        Refund policy is null and void if any course materials have been downloaded.

        Please email us at [email protected] if you require a refund on your registration fee.