Busy Gals Lunch Club

My mission is to empower you to fuel your body with MAKE-AHEAD, simple and nourishing meals that heal your gut, end negative food cravings and allow you to reach your optimal health.

It’s time your lunchbox meal is delicious, nourishing, and better than eating out!


Batch prepare each week’s meals in under 2-3 hours/week
9 seasonal main course recipes/quarter. All recipes are perfect for making ahead for your weekdays
– Recipes that improve your gut health, help you reach your optimal weight, and without dieting!
– Delicious smoothie and dessert recipes (that are great for both you and your family)
– Tips and tricks to streamline your time in the kitchen
– Menu with meal planner worksheet
– Closed Facebook group to connect with other gals on similar paths (opens Jan. 1, 2018)
– Quarterly “Snail Mail” with cookbooks (total) and additional goodies. Both quarterly and 12-month members will receive Robin Youkilis’, Go With Your Gut.
– Closed Facebook group to connect with other gals on similar paths (opens officially Jan. 1 2018)
Each week, you will become a greater master at meal prep, more efficient at streamlining your kitchen, and improving your health!
You will learn the amazing health benefits of cooking with the foods that are in season (utilizing principles of Ayurveda)
You will be creating time saving meals that you WANT to eat and are amazing for your health!

Bonus: If you sign up with a friend, you both receive a 10% discount (applies for the quarterly and yearly memberships)! If you help get more than one friend to enroll, email me and let me know, and I will give you an additional 10% off per friend!! Email Me!

There are 2 ways to join the busy gals lunch club.

1. Busy Gals Lunch Club: by the quarter 3 main course recipes will be emailed to you before the beginning of each month, along with seasonal smoothie and dessert recipes, instructions to how to get all recipes made in under 2-3 hours each week You will receive at least 9-10 lunch recipes, along with the smoothie and dessert recipes. Plus the weekly emails filled with tips to eat in season, what foods are best and other info. I think you will find helpful on your journey to better health–long term!

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2. Busy Gals Lunch Club: All Year Long.
You will receive 4 quarters of the Lunch Club. Each quarter will offer lunch meals and idea that inspire you to eat in season and to keep the habit of upgrading your health! A full year’s worth of accountability, inspiration and instruction at a discounted rate.
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Are you wondering what the schedule looks like? Read on!

Early bird pricing: If you sign up this week, you will also receive my special holiday meal plan for FREE! As well as a discounted rate for the course (both the quarterly version and the 12-months)

– Quarter One: January 1 – March 31st
– Quarter Two: April 1 – June 30th
– Quarter Three: July 1 – September 30th
– Quarter Four: October 1 – December 31st

Basic breakdown of what you receive with your course quarterly and/or yearly membership.
– Meal guides (9 lunch recipes/quarter, plus bonus recipes)
– Weekly (virtual)  gatherings—from the comfort of your own home (car or office)!
– grocery lists and Prep Day How-to Guides so you can get all the recipes made in minimal amount of time
– Weekly emails that include tips and tricks about streamlining your cooking, batch-cooking, as well as education on how and why to eat with the seasons
– access to the private busy gals classroom (New content added weekly.)
– bonuses and prizes
– a discount for you and your friends!

Some of the other benefits include: ending headaches and reduce PMS symptoms, get rid of gut-discomfort, deeper sleep, no more mid-afternoon “slumps”