I know live classes are ideal, but if you are living in a location where it is tough to get to an in-person class, I have a solution for you.

Since closing Up Dog Yoga, my brick and mortar studio, and then the virtual studio, I have had time. Some time to listen to:

– the needs of other gals that also live too far from a studio to attend live classes weekly
– gals who spend way too much time deciding which video to use (and then sometimes dealing with ads)
– women who wake up stiff and sore and know they did not when they practiced regularly!

I’ve also had time to:
– think outside the box; get curious about what attributes of a on-demand class keep members motivated to keep unrolling their yoga mat and hitting play; and then to come up with a solution for you—remotely.

A membership that you will use, and keep using
because you won’t want to miss what’s happening for one week only.

  • One new class each week*. Available for one week only. Each class roughly around 30-minutes long.
  • Along with the weekly classes, there will be 1 live virtual class each month. An opportunity to get together and show off the work you have been doing all month long!

Some of you never quit practicing, but may have found that you generally stick with your favorite online classes each week, possibly plateauing in certain areas.
Others of you may be practicing, just not consistently.

Some of you are longing for the day to have a good enough reason to get started again. You do. Yourself. You matter and how you feel affects how you show up for your day to day life.

Pick your Practice!

$38.00/month beginning in October!

Kick off Date to be determined.
The sooner I have enough ready to begin online classes the soon we will get started! Please share with your friends that you know want to feel and move better every day!

1 + 1 Online Yoga Classes

  • 60 classes each year
  • 1/week 30-min. class

  • 1/month 45-minute virtual, live class with time to hang out and catch up (12 times/year)
  • All you need is an exercise mat, at times props will be recommended but it is okay if you don’t have them!
  • End the time spent making a decision on which class to takeYou get one new class per week. The class disappears when the new class goes live. You want to make time for the classes each week so you don’t miss out!
  • No commute, all it takes is going to the webpage and pressing play
  • discounted cost/class – normal cost is $15/class